BarterBooksOnline.com(BBO) : BBO is MywareTeCH’s first product. BBO provides the platform to barter books online. BBO is an approach to start the bartering process and make it convenient, easily usable and affordable to everyone. This completely free service offers several other platforms and features which are in the making and are releasing soon.

BBOEscape.com: BBOescape.com is an ecosystem to discover, share and spread positivity, laughter and stress management techniques. It provides a one stop shop for news, games, humor, entertainment, relaxation, travel, health, curated products, question & answer board. BBOescape was conceived from practical and real-world needs that we see on a day to day basis in our lives. BBOescape captures your emotions and facilitates all your needs to re-invent your inner self. It is all about helping each other and leading a healthy and a positive life.

AAC360 : AAC360 is MSI’s most ambitious project. It is the next generation advertisement and reference model for SME’s. It aims to change the industry and create bonding between businesses. AAC360 will offer the entire required platform online.

AmbienceBlogging : AmbienceBlogging is an approach to make blogging more interesting and exciting. It will offer users to design their ambience. AmbienceBlogging will be released soon.